• Polyester 80% Polyamide 20% for Extra Strength Wear & Tear
  • MACHINE WASHABLE:Wash Time after Time, Saves Money in Buying Wipes or Paper Towels, Environmentally Friendly with Less Waste & Healthier Option for You, Having a Clean Cloth Every-time.
  • COMFORTABLE TO USE: At 16 x 16 inches, This Cloth is Not Only Comfortable to Use with One Hand but Large Enough to be Light and Easy to Handle around the Home, Car or Office, for Every Day Use.
  • SAFE TO USE EVERYWHERE: Non-Abrasive, Lint Free, Anti-Static, Safe to Use on Glass, Electronic Equipment, Screens, Windscreens from Domestic to Commercial Properties.
  • UNIQUE DUAL-TEXTURE DESIGN: with a dirt and grime gripping surface on one side and a silky smooth finish to wipe away any streaks on the other side.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: To Lift Dirt, Clean Grime and Take away Residue with an Easy Wipe, Safely around your Home, Car or Office or YOUR Money Back.

What Makes A Good Microfiber Cloth? A quality microfiber cloth is tough to find, as there are many different options in the market today. Most are inexpensive and mimic the ViroKleen option. When picking out the right one for your needs, you’ll want to look at the knitting process, the size, shape, weight and absorption rate. 350GMS Thicker Higher Absorption Cloth With a thicker softer cloth to the standard 200GSM most manufacturers offer, these cloths have a higher absortion rate of liquids than your average cloth. Not only are you able to clean faster while absorbing liquid, these are safe for home cleaning, car and office cleaning your most delicate equipment. Stitched Outer Edge With an overlock stitched outer edge, these cloths will not fray and deteriorate in the short term. Longer life cloth for every day use will save you money in the long run. Environmentally Safe & Friendly No harsh chemicals are required, as the microfiber material can remove organic matter (dirt, oils, dust, grease) with or without water. Best Place To Use The Microfiber Cloth Automotive Glass, Home & Office Glass Windows, Mirrors, Glassware, Silverware, Porcelain, Computer & Tv Screens, Kitchen and Laundry Windows to Stainless Steel and other Metals. How To Get The Most Out Of The ViroKleen Microfiber Cloth The great thing about this microfiber cloth is that you can use it on a variety of surfaces, without wetting it. You can use it as a towel to dry or to clean any oily surface with a little warm water. 100% Money Back Guarantee