Rely on natural protection and choose natural comfort with Seventh Generation chlorine-free maxi pads and pantiliners.

Featuring a natural absorbent material, our pads and panty liners offer the protection you need and are contoured for a comfortable fit. Free of added fragrances and dyes, and whitened without chemicals containing chlorine.​

Go green with Seventh Generation and choose natural, non-toxic feminine care for you and for the environment.


  • Whitened Without Chemicals Containing Chlorine*
  • Reliable Protection
  • Wheat-Based Absorbent Core
  • Secure, No-Slip Adhesive
  • Soft, Cloth-Like Cover for Comfort
  • Individually Wrapped

Seventh Generation maxi pads are made of a combination of absorbent materials, polyolefins, adhesives, and a silicone-coated paper. The top layer is a non-woven polyolefin cover sheet. The absorbent materials consist of chlorine free wood pulp, and Lysorb, an absorbent gel. Lysorb, also known as SNAP (super absorbent natural polymer), is a polysaccharide derived from wheat. Polysaccharides are complex sugars found in many natural substances, like the fibers of cotton, wood, and wheat.