A Certified Organic Concentrate Multi-purpose solution made from Orange Peel! Works to clean and deodorize almost anything!


  • Removes Any Stain, Any Odor!
  • Great for removing stains & odor from pets, mold, mildew, laundry, carpets and more.
  • Safe On and Around Pets!
  • Multiple Garden and Indoor Uses!
  • Safe to use on most materials!
  • 100% environmentally friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic!
  • Soluble in Water to achieve the right concentration for each use!
    16oz Bottle of Concentrate to offer you a variety of cleaning dilution options! A little goes a long way: Just one tablespoon of TKO mixed with water, makes 24 fl. oz.
    Your one go-to solution for all your stubborn stains and odors.


Orange TKO comes as a concentrate, which can be diluted with water to handle the toughest industrial cleaning problems, but is safe enough to use in the home, around children and animals. This form also makes it very economical – just one tablespoon of TKO mixed with water, makes 24 fl. oz. of General Solution.

Use for Laundry stains and odors, Pet odors, Skunk spray, oil stains, tar, mildew, grease, Oven cleaner, Toilet, Carpet, Air freshener, Smoke on clothes, Drapes, Hardwood, Mattresses, Dishwasher, Gum, Stickers, Markers and Scuff marks.

Caution: Always dilute with water first. Do not use concentrated Orange TKO on plastics, fiberglass, or plexiglass!

The cleaning power lies in the seeds and peels, known as d’limonene. Orange TKO goes through a distilling process for added purity. The distilling process recovers the d’limonene from the orange peel, leaving no oily residue, and also removing acidity. Orange TKO enhances the natural emulsification properties of d’limonene and can be blended with water. Through this process, Orange TKO is not only environmentally friendly and biodegradable, it is a powerful formulation which will remove any odor or stain. A light formulation of the solution can actually sprayed on pets and plants as a bug repellent, and eliminates odors and stains.